Strategic Consultancy

What's your challenge?

Really? What’s the challenge of running your own startup or scale-up? Jesus. Where do you start?

You’re scaling rapidly. New faces and specialist skills fill the floors of your offices every week.

 As the team gets bigger and more global and you cede more and more control, the questions get harder.

 How do we reach new customers?

How can we shorten our sales cycle?

What would take our product from 'nice to have' to 'must-have'?

How do we hire the best people?

What does good culture look like and how do I build it?

What do people mean when they ask me about my vision?

How can I get our teams to scale and work smarter?

Who do I talk to when things are going wrong?

Where is my time best invested each week?

Yep. Hard stuff. Not really the kind of questions that can be ignored for too long.

How do we feel about strategic consultancy?

To be honest, we’re not sure. Clients tend to ask us for this kind of help before we actually promote it as a specific service. Maybe it’s our diverse experience; we're also pretty good at isolating the right problem in a swirl of chaos and can often help with a solution that gives management teams the confidence or impetus they need.

It's not always just about us though. We've got a black book of friends and contacts from every discipline or industry that we've worked in - top brass types from B2B and B2C, startup and enterprise alike. Sometimes it's just about bringing in the right kind of help to validate the questions or share their own perspectives and experiences.

Whatever the reason, we’re trusted to deliver strategic consultancy for startup and scale-up client senior leadership teams. 

We can sell as regular or one-off sessions or we can charge per problem solved / project completed. 

Either way, we find it takes a village to raise a startup. 

You’re going to need help. 

We can be the help you need.

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