Sales Enablement

What's your challenge?

Your marketing team or agency produces a lot of ‘stuff’ but still your sales team seems to work in a vacuum, generating its own leads.

If your marketing isn’t helping drive more sales it isn’t effective marketing.

Getting the relationship between tech marketing and sales teams right comes from the top. When done well it’s the difference between good technology businesses and great ones.

Why we're different.

We know our tech startup and scale-up clients need us to design marketing programmes with growth in mind. That means providing ammunition to sales teams that helps them reach prospects, reignite stale conversations and shorten sales cycles.

Sales doesn’t just sit with the sales team. Marketing and PR teams should feel responsible for revenue.

Marketing and PR campaigns should have a sales element to it and even a sales target attached.

Have a look at the Last Mile Consortium campaign we ran for PostTag - we created ABM emails and articles for LinkedIn targeted at closing deals with VIP prospects.

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