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You’ll never break free from the herd: Mark Earls

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By Mark Choueke on 31st July 2019

Mark Earls

What do you get when you combine a pioneering expert in marketing, communications and social behaviour? It’s Mark Earls, AKA ‘The Herdmeister’. 

Described in The Guardian as “like Malcolm Gladwell on speed”, Mark has built his reputation as a rebellious leading thinker on brands and behavioural economics.

I wasn’t present in the studio during Mark’s recording, nor have I met him previously - this podcast is all I have to go on to get to know and understand him. I imagine the same is true for you listeners (unless you have met him, in which case, feel free to tell me how right or wrong I am).

Mark is responsible for applying his unconventional ‘herd’ mentality to traditional marketing theories. A concept of thought that opposes the recognised assumption that we’re a species of individual thinkers and doers. Instead, he draws upon the Asian culture of believing that humans are “social creatures who learn from each other.”

I can’t deny it’s an interesting theory. It did make me question myself. ‘Before I do something, do I have to wait for someone else to do it first?’ To which my answer was no. Not all the time. I understand how the theory makes sense from a marketing perspective. On a more personal level, it seems slightly unfair to point at individuals and suggest they’re not capable of independent thinking. 

Neil Armstrong didn’t follow the herd when he landed on the moon, did he? There’s a handful of us who want to be the first to do things. I chose to work for a company with ‘rebel’ in the name. Perhaps this is just my rebellious streak emerging. 

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