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The Making of a Rebel: Mark Ritson

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By Mark Choueke on 1st August 2019

Legendary and acerbic columnist Mark Ritson having a cuddle with dad Eric.

Ritson & Son: The Making Of A Rebel

Mark Ritson is one of marketing's biggest rebels. Period. But not for the reasons you think. 

You’ll probably know him as a ranty, sweary professor who isn’t afraid to call bullshit as he sees it. 

Away from the marketing spotlight though, he’s decidedly more reserved. And once you’ve heard this episode of RebelTalk, I think you’ll understand why.

You see the thing that makes Mark a rebel, the thing that gives him that indomitable spirit, fiery drive and larger-than-life presence is also the thing that changed his family forever. 

It’s not a sob story though - both Mark and his father Eric, who joined us for this special episode, make that clear. Yet Mark himself admits he probably would’ve been quite an introvert had things turned out differently. 

He’s been described as “a bigger threat to the profession than Google and Facebook combined” (apparently) and is frequently in the headlines for his honest and - oftentimes - abrasive critiques of current marketing practices.

As a marketer Mark delights in thrusting the proverbial finger in the direction of those who’ve forgotten or lost sight of what it means to be a ‘marketing professional’ - in the purest sense of the term. Yet he’s humble in a way that you might not expect

For one hour we let the tapes roll. For one hour Mark and Eric and Mark clinked glasses and shared stories. And for one hour I felt like I came to know the man behind the marketer just a little better. 

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