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Founders special : Benji Lanjado and Anthony Eskinazi

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By Mark Choueke on 16th August 2019

People talk so often about entrepreneurs as disruptors that it’s become an empty phrase. Yes, we get it, entrepreneurs like to change things. After many years meeting and interviewing founders from all walks of life I certainly thought I got it. 

Then I met Anthony Eskinazi, founder of JustPark and Benji Lanyado, founder of Picfair.

What struck me about these two is their deep dissatisfaction for the status quo. They are both men on a mission to change the way things work or invent completely new ways of doing things. And they’ll stop at absolutely nothing until they get there - one opportunity at a time. 

For Anthony, that opportunity exists in parking. For Benji, it’s in image licensing. 

They’re people who, for all their intellect and personality, could’ve been anything they wanted in life. (In fact, they were both on trajectories that would’ve seen them running companies - or countries - while the rest of us still slothed away in middle management.)

Yet the undeniable urge to push boundaries, to break and shake things in pursuit of the kind of world they want to live in, has pushed Anthony and Benji past their many other could-be lives. Instead these young, articulate and committed men chose careers that would mean long nights, mental health concerns and near-destitution. All before either of them hit 30. 

At age 23 Anthony decided to throw in his Deloitte role - a role which he’d held for just six weeks - to launch JustPark. 

Benji launched Picfair at age 29 with backing from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, after stalking him out in a New York Starbucks to pitch his idea. 

When we talk about rebels and the spirit of rebellion, this is what I think of. 

Fast forward more than a decade and both JustPark and Picfair are not just successful, they’re businesses that continue to push boundaries, create impactful change and have a lasting impact on the world - reminiscent of the drive of their founders. 

It’s a drive that all founders should aspire to have - but I’m sure many are loath to find. 

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