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"I faced a lot of roadblocks..." Fighting "bullshit" with bravery. Hannah Stewart, VP, Global Marketing, Yieldify.

"When they gave me this position my first thought was "no fucking way am I a global VP of marketing"". Hannah Stewart is still defining what marketing means to personalisation platform Yieldify.
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"Sometimes you just get it wrong." Anthony Rose, Founder, SeedLegals

Serial founder Anthony Rose, founder and CEO of SeedLegals, shares what he's learned from a lifetime of starting up, hitting pause and pressing play again. 
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Why are you paying for marketing that makes you invisible?

Eight simple tips to ensure your marketing and PR differentiates you and has a tangible impact
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You already rebelled. You’ve been ‘More Pirate’. Now you’ll have to do it all again.

Founders must rediscover their inner 'pirate' and break some rules if their businesses are to survive the storms ahead.
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