Product Marketing

What's your challenge?

Whether you're designing your go-to-market strategy from scratch, re-positioning your product or simply looking for better ways to articulate it to existing customers, product marketing can add the clarity, purpose and differentiation that drive commercial success.

Here are some of the challenges you might be struggling with:

Customer insights: Who is your customer? How do existing customers use the product and how can their evolving needs impact your product roadmap as well as your sales and marketing campaigns?

Positioning & messaging: Who is the product for? What does it do? How is it different and better than what’s out there? Do you have the sales collateral and materials you need to help address these questions?

Internal comms: How should your entire organisation talk about the product, the market you exist in and the benefits you deliver, expressed in clear customer success stories?

Go-to-market plan & launch: Have you built a solid go-to-market strategy with a measurable plan for how to gain traction, and generate users and adoption?

Why we're different?

We love getting to know our clients' products inside-out and working with the teams responsible for taking them to market.

While marketing is often our day-to-day client, our work sees us planning and creating materials and campaigns alongside product, sales and client success teams.

As a result we've been delivering successful product marketing as a core part of our service since we started in 2017.

And our experience across multiple industries and sectors outside of PR and marketing, gives us the ability to think wider and to see the same challenges from multiple angles: something we believe makes for wonderful, effective product marketing.

How our product marketing generated instant inbound calls from Lego and Disney for our adtech client

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