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For brands, social video advertising is well on its way to being as mainstream a channel as television. There are snags though for marketing bosses who, quite reasonably, fear the risks that a lack of brand safety advertising on social channels comes with. PreciseTV is addressing every single one of those risks with one of the smartest and most effective pieces of kit we've seen.

How though, does a fast-growing company such as PreciseTV, keep its marketing and sales up to date with its evolving product capability?

You know the answer already, right?


You don't?

Oh. Well, it's 'with help from Rebeltech'. The's 'with help from Rebeltech'.

Case Study

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PreciseTV : a product marketing case study

What was the brief?

  • Elevate and differentiate PreciseTV in a market saturated with other similar adtech platforms
  • Devise and create new collateral to generate meetings with marketing leaders at the world’s top brands

How did Rebeltech crack it?

  • Created a campaign positioning PreciseTV as a credible expert and leader in the topical and sensitive space of video advertising to children
  • Produced and distributed high-value ‘Kids Guide’ content for key brands that speak to children

What happened?

  • Campaign generated instant inbound enquiries from CMO/VP-level marketers at global brands including Lego and Walt Disney

The Kids Guide was the first of a series of highly effective, audience-centric product marketing campaigns that Rebeltech created for PreciseTV

PreciseTV's website with new positioning, messaging and design all created by Rebeltech

What happened next?

We were invited to work on repackaging PreciseTV's wider suite of products for their key audiences.

Not only that but PreciseTV asked Rebeltech to work on a complete repositioning and go-to-market strategy.

We then helped PreciseTV reflect its shiny new messaging across all of its collateral and media, including a new website.

How does PreciseTV now talk about Rebeltech?

"The Rebeltech team added value from day one of our partnership, taking care to understand our platform and our business and crucially, what tactics they could leverage at any one time to generate most success.

Ever-creative and always flexible - at various times a brilliant PR agency, a superb content creation outfit and a strategic marketing consultancy that helped define our positioning and offer, we can attribute several high-profile opportunities directly to Rebeltech’s work."

Nadav Shmuel, CEO, PreciseTV

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