What’s your challenge?

Finding a b2b technology PR agency is relatively easy. Plenty of agencies believe they do tech PR well.

PR for tech startups and PR for scale-ups; it's not like doing PR for any other type of business or sector.

If you're a startup you may have just raised a round of seed funding. Congratulations. That cash won't last forever though. You're going to burn through it quickly. You know it. Your investors are counting on it.

So you need your PR to drive measurable impact. It needs to blend PR’s knack for brand awareness with quantifiable results.

If you're in scale-up mode your PR needs to grow the business. Simple as that.

Find yourself an average London technology PR agency or even a general agency that includes tech PR on a list of services and you’ll regret it.

You'll also probably end up losing what little faith and trust in PR you ever had.

Shame. Inject a bit of adventure and ambition into your startup or scale-up PR and it can take you places you currently can't imagine.

Why we're different.

Rebeltech is a London technology PR agency that understands any PR is pure vanity unless you know how to make it meaningful.

We run a b2b technology PR agency because we come from that world. We’ve been the client, we’ve been the agency and we’ve been the b2b journalist. We know how to extend the reach, multiply the impact and measure the value of b2b tech PR.

We work with a New York technology company in the insurance space. When we met the client it had zero press exposure. In the first four months of working together we secured the client more than 40 pieces of high-value PR.

Our clients rarely find us offering PR as the whole solution but instead using media relations as a key element of a broader and more powerful marketing campaign.

Have a glance at the Last Mile Consortium we created for our PostTag client which saw the client close deals with three of its top 10 enterprise targets within nine months.

PR on its own can be effective. Smarter PR as part of something bigger can be powerful enough to blow the bloody doors off*.

* Cheers Michael.

How PR should work

See how we got 40 pieces of high value PR in the first four months of working with a fintech client

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