What's your challenge?

Startup marketing should be regarded as a discipline of its own. Marketing for startups and scale-ups isn't like marketing anywhere else.

It requires a familiarity and comfort with extreme volatility.

Previously signed-off marketing budget can vanish in an instant and agreed marketing strategies can dissolve just as quickly, often mid-programme.

Your organisation will still need results from you, the marketer, but now you're starting your plan again with half your former budget. What do you do?

We write this in the late summer of 2019 when the rest of the business world is trying to come to terms with new levels of uncertainty.

Startup marketers have long accepted that uncertainty as normal.

The impenetrable fog of unpredictability means you're often planning for the impact you can make in the next six weeks only.

And when your brilliant marketing plans evaporate, you need to think fast. The money may have disappeared but what remains is the need for an effective back-up strategy that that builds brand and generates leads.

Against this complex, cliff-edge backdrop, a marketer lives and dies by results.

Why we're different.

Even when marketing budget is secure there are now so many marketing channels and approaches to choose from.

Our founders are seasoned startup marketers; true marketing crossbreeds. Both have been entrepreneurs, consultants, in-house and agency side. They cut their teeth and built reputations working across every marketing discipline there is, each time figuring out fast how to get results.

They’ve run marketing for tech companies - for startups and scale-ups - and have been pivotal in raising funds for both the companies they’ve worked for as well as for Rebeltech.

This experience of picking the right marketing channel or tactic for each scenario gives Rebeltech a wider perspective and an ability to think smarter and broader - something many modern marketers and agencies lack.

What this all adds up to is a powerful marketing force, fuelled with real business and commercial acumen, making for a rare tech marketing agency that can be your strategic partner, your content and campaigns provider or your-in house team.

Whether it's brand awareness (not just a B2C concern, also important in B2B) or lead generation you need; whether it's better, harder-working content to arm your sales team or events to stuff the pipeline full of qualified leads, we'll bring our uncommon thinking to the table.

We measure our success on your business results.

What marketing for startups should look like

For a client in the ecommerce fulfilment space, we devised an end to end marketing programme that built a powerful and engaged sales pipeline for the client within six months

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