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We’re big on integrated, joined-up marketing - using channels to build around a formidable story rather than building a ‘wrong-way-round’ marketing strategy with as many channels as you can afford.

However, if we were forced at gun point to choose one single B2B marketing channel on which to spend money, it would be events done well.

God, if you’ve ever paid through the nose for a tiny booth at one of the vast, soulless exhibitions you’ll know what we mean.

We've all spent time in those colossal venues.

The vendor strategy is ‘try to sell to anyone’ (not the smartest marketing strategy).

The delegate strategy is ‘walk right past and try not to make eye contact’.

Tens of thousands of people in the same room, all left feeling distinctly lonely.

On the way out, if you're asked for a talking heads testimonial by the guys filming the event you smile into the camera and squeal breathlessly about how "inspiring" and "essential" the day was. And then relieved, you go home.

It's pretty much the template for the modern marketing event.

We even see in-house marketing events done shoddily - no thought into the guest list, the invitation process, the theme and even the desired business outcome.

Why we're different.

Events for startups and events for scale-ups have to achieve something tangible.

We can advise you on getting more (so much more) out of those big, soulless conferences.

The marketing events and tech events we run for our clients come with measurable business impact. And we make them memorable so that attendees want to see and hear from you again.

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