Content Strategy

What's your challenge?

Who has the time to download or read the hundreds of thousands of pieces of content created every day?

Most of it is poorly written with no clear narrative, messaging or call to action - and with zero plan for distribution.

In short, content-marketing can be a total waste of your money and time.

Content creation - even if your words, pictures and videos are the right ones and well produced - does not equal a content strategy.

Why we're different.

We’ve made our living out of superlative content throughout our careers. We’re very good at it.

Being that good means knowing how to tell a great story, knowing why you’re telling that story and knowing how to get it heard, loved and shared. That’s a content strategy.

Doing content for startups and content for scale-ups requires cutting edge content creation and a ruthless, results-focused content strategy.

We’ll isolate your best stories, do what's needed to understand your audience and build a content strategy to spark big conversations, inspire and entertain your future customers and unlock opportunity for your business.

ClauseMatch, a Russian regtech company briefed us to work on its positioning, content strategy and execution. We looked at their product and recognised it has the potential to fast-forward compliance functions in the world's biggest banks.

ClauseMatch now uses our positioning and messaging across their website, events, sales and marketing functions and produces video like the one you'll find here.

As a result of our work ClauseMatch is finding new customers.

In short, we produce content that works and content that lasts.

How content strategy should work

Producing blogs or video with no direction or thought is not a congtent strategy. Have a look at how we weaved the same powerhouse campaign idea through PR, events and podcasts and wound up with a very happy client.

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