Growing fintech company INSHUR's brand with a PR battering ram

Fintech continues to attract record investment and is seen as the poster child for the disruptive ecosystem that is tech startup and scale-ups. If you're going to enter this market, especially in London where fintech is proudly worn as a badge of honour, you damn well better have something big to say. Luckily, INSHUR does.

Founded in New York City but now finding incredible growth in Europe, INSHUR provides insurance for private hire vehicle drivers on a mobile app inside three minutes. This is a company heading fast towards completely frictionless 'zero-question' insurance policies (can you imagine?) and it needed an agency to help it break its duck in the UK and US insurance and tech press.

Cue, a couple of field trips down to Inshur's European HQ in Brighton for Rebeltech. One or two ice cream cones and a quick dip in the sea later and we had a plan.

Case Study


What was INSHUR's brief?

  • Build brand awareness and relationships in key media for INSHUR, a small but brilliant NYC-based disruptor in the private vehicle hire insurance sector

How did Rebeltech crack it?

  • Strategic media counsel - worked with the team to identify and build stories that journalists would care about, starting with fundraise and moving on to an exclusive partnership secured with Uber around theme of driver safety

What happened?

Achieved more than 40 pieces of PR coverage in the first five months of partnering with INSHUR

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