Cutting through the martech mayhem with Simple

Martech is a saturated, crowdy and noisy place to be. It's hard to get noticed. Especially if you're the new family in the neighbourhood and nobody knows you enough to vouch for you. When Australian martech vendor Simple told us it planned to launch a London office with zero brand awareness here and planned to use the team here to grow across Europe, we knew only an extraordinary campaign would do.

Happily, building extraordinary campaigns is kind of a hobby of ours.

'Clawing Back The Cost Of Complexity' played on two compelling stories:

  • the reduction in stress and aggravation that Simple's product delivers to senior marketing users
  • the warm, easy, 'Aussie' nature and culture of the company

Case Study

What was Simple’s brief?

  • Support our launch of a new EMEA office and operation
  • Build brand awareness in an already overcrowded martech space

How did Rebeltech crack it?

  • We identified an overlap between Simple’s product benefits and a widely-felt pain and need in target market of chief marketing officers - 'in the number of agencies used globally as well as the number of tools and apps required to do the job, marketing has got out of hand...convoluted, over-elaborate and confused.'
  • We created new Simple brand positioning - one that invited a powerful brand awareness campaign built around it
  • We gathered Simple's top partners and prospects and involved them directly in creating Simple's new campaign assets

What was the campaign?

  • Claw Back The Cost Of Marketing Complexity

How did we take it to market?

  • PR: We secured stories in various key target publications announcing Simple’s arrival and introducing the management team
  • Events: created London's most informal and bullshit-free marketing event for Simple's 50 top prospects and partners; speakers included c-suite leaders at eBay, British Airways and Microsoft who shared real and unscripted stories and experiences; attendees munched on Simple-branded sweets, popcorn and hot dogs throughout the presentations; afterwards we served sensational food and hosted a celebrity-led wine-tasting in the hope that guests would sack off work and stay for the entire day (spoiler: they did)
  • Content Strategy: Transformed event content into the first two episodes of a brand new podcast series - ‘Get Simple’ - aimed at marketing leaders looking to transform marketing and drive more from budgets; that podcast is now several episodes deep with founders, CMOs, influencers and journalists as guests
  • Follow-up: Podcast content and interviews drove further PR in the form of contributed opinion pieces


"We had a big job on our hands launching Simple into the UK and EMEA regions . Our technology was known in Australia but had no brand awareness here. I didn’t want a traditional channel-led strategy – some social media, events, PR and so on – instead, I wanted to work with someone who challenges the norm and this is where Rebeltech shines. The bright intelligence and ideas coming out of Mark and Nicole's team are a cut above. You need any advantage you can get when trying to make noise in a new market. Our CEO and entire leadership team bought into Rebeltech. That's the effect truly original thinking has on an organisation."

Joe Jarrett, COO, Simple


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The Get Simple podcast has garnered more than 150,000 listens and continues to attract CMOs and marketing leaders looking to build better planning processes and stretch budgets further

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