Reaching compliance directors: hero content for regtech

ClauseMatch has a mission to help banks bring digital transformation to their compliance function. This matters. Compliance now touches pretty much every other department of an organisation and, if mishandled, can expose banks to huge financial penalties.

  • Since the global financial crash in 2008, banks have paid $342bn in non-compliance fines
  • By 2020 that figure is predicted to be $20bn according to consultancy Quinlan & Associates.
  • The top 50 global banks have also seen an estimated $850bn of profits wiped out for bad conduct since 2008, according to the same report.

You'd think this would motivate compliance departments to update their paper processes and get their houses in order. Sometimes motivation needs a hand.

Case Study

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What was ClauseMatch’s brief? 

  • Drive awareness among global tier 1 banks and digital-first challenger banks that compliance is ripe for digital transformation

How did Rebeltech crack it?

  • Worked with the ClauseMatch team to refine the brand messaging and positioning, to go to market
  • Communicated the new positioning internally and demonstrated how to use it
  • Designed a content strategy built on the new positioning
  • Executed a full content strategy and sales enablement programme

ClauseMatch began talking to the compliance community in ways nobody had before

The challenges faced by compliance directors are stark and fundamental

Rebeltech used sharp design, deep thought leadership and challenging storytelling to help the whitepaper get noticed

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