Brand, Positioning & Messaging

What's your challenge?

Your business is already a few years old, you’ve a team of 30+ with clients to boot. However, you’ve never articulated your brand positioning.

Your software is potentially world-changing but you lack a story. Nobody, including your employees, knows what you stand for.

No-one, even your best sales exec, can articulate why your product matters; why anyone should care.

Worse still, if you removed your logo from your marketing collateral, the messaging could be that of your closest competitor.

If you lack distinct storytelling, brand positioning and messaging, you lack any differentiation or urgency when selling.

Why we're different.

When ClauseMatch needed to stand out in order to capture the attention of its hard-to-reach target customer, the whole company - from the CEO to the intern, from London to St Petersburg, needed to start speaking a new language.

We listened to their stories, heard their hopes and poked at their product before we wrote ‘Evolve With Compliance’ as a positioning.

And it wasn’t just a marketing line. Storytelling for startups and scale-ups comes with guidelines and rules on how to speak about your business and the benefits it drives.

Your product might only have a short window before others catch up with your tech but your brand and your voice is what will set you apart. It’s how you know Nike advertising from Adidas and McDonald’s advertising from Burger King.

B2B storytelling. You might call it marketing bullshit. We call it multi-million dollar bullshit.

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