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We're a PR and marketing agency employing uncommon thinking and a healthy disdain for the status quo to drive better outcomes for tech companies.

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Tickbox marketing is an expensive waste of time. To cut through and impact your business, your storytelling must be as dynamic as your software.

There’s a rule of thumb when creating innovative marketing and PR campaigns that drive sales and make you famous.

Braver beats bigger. Every time.

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"I faced a lot of roadblocks..." Fighting "bullshit" with bravery. Hannah Stewart, VP, Global Marketing, Yieldify.

"When they gave me this position my first thought was "no fucking way am I a global VP of marketing"". Hannah Stewart is still defining what marketing means to personalisation platform Yieldify.

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We work with B2B tech startups and scale-ups. Not everyone though is a Rebeltech client.

Rebeltech clients understand marketing and PR can win them new customers, shorten sales cycles and sell product.

They also know traditional run-of-the-mill B2B marketing won't get them results.

They recognise that uncommon success requires uncommon thinking as well as more than just a dash of courage - the bravery needed to create something new and distinct.

If you fancy working with Rebeltech then be ready to shout louder.

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